Saturday, December 8, 2012

Thoughts on the season

I can't believe football is behind us and the holiday season is upon us. Whew! It was a blast and long winded! Three teams in the playoffs made the season stretch into early November and made sure we put that cold weather gear into heavy use.
One came out on top making his last year with the league a memorable one for sure. Everyone else unfortunately didn't fair as well but in the end they have so much to be proud of. What a commitment each of my 4 kids made from summer thru late fall. 4-5 days a week of practice plus games, I am so proud! They learned team work and put it to practice on the field and off. As siblings they will always fight but these times help them learn how to support each other. My favorite picture from the season,  captured by one of the team Mom's, is my youngest two horsing around on the sideline during their big brother's game.
My daughter loves to keep up with them and its great to see them all out in the backyard playing football together.
We are into the next sport season already with wrestling and competitive cheer, but life seems to have finally settled into a manageable speed. Hope to be back soon with all the recent projects I have been working on between dropping off and picking up kids and watching games! Hope you all are enjoying getting ready for the season!

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