Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sending prayers

A sweet young girl we met through friends just found out she is losing her battle with cancer yesterday. Her name is Lisa and I would love it if you said a prayer for her and her family as they process this information and face what is ahead. She had a head full of curls before her chemo started and through all the pain and suffering has offered such hope and smiles to those around her. She has truly blessed the McMaster family that adopted her and her older siblings and all of us who have had the priviledge to meet her in her 6 short years. God bless you Lisa and your family and friends. Her story. 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Getting Ready

Well we started off the New Year not feeling so well but as the last of us shrug off the ills (insert hubby milking it for all its worth) we are looking forward to freshening up some of the house. Painting to be done, finally a new sofa and chair for the well used living room, and a much needed washing machine to reduce the water usage in this house of 6! It has already reduced the number of loads I am required to do to keep up with these kids and I am greatly thrilled! It even plays music when its done which delights me every time I happen to catch it at the end of the cycle.
I'm thinking the before and afters might just become only the afters because I'm embarrassed to show you how shabby things look around here due to the abuse of 4 kids and a giant dog. In retrospect there has been lots of living in this house and it is well loved but I am looking forward to not being embarrassed to welcome visitors into my home.
Lots of color especially my favorite pale turquoise blue with red, chocolate brown and creamy white accents. Of course I should probably add some of that color to my wardrobe instead of the black grey and cream I found in my closet to dress myself in over the holidays. My other New Years Resolution to eat better and get more exercise, so I'll keep you posted on my progress in house and body. Let the progress begin! Happy 2011!