Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Giveaway Winner!

                                                                    And we have a

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Monday, October 24, 2011

My Dad's Struggle and Giveaway reminder

Just thought I would post an update about my Dad. I know  in the past I have given a small glimpse of what he has struggled with and since then I have had a hard time putting in words what has transpired in the past month. Dad has be suffering for the past year and a half with kidney failure and more recently liver failure also. He has been such a trooper as the Doctors have struggled to keep him comfortable and figure out what to do to help him.  As it turned out, transplants were the only option and that was yet another struggle to learn about and find a hospital willing to help.
My brother flew my parents in to Chicago to look at hospitals there as the one's in San Diego didn't seem to be willing to take him on. Amazingly in this journey Rush Hospital took him in when he fell ill in Chicago with an infection and declared they would keep him til they found him a liver and kidney. They ran every test necessary to confirm he was a good canidate and within six days of being put on the transplant list he was matched with a donor.
We couldn't believe out ears that this was happening so quickly especially since my Dad called with the news at 2 o'clock in the morning and when we really were feeling it to be a hopeless quest. Well its been almost 3 weeks since his lifesaving surgery and he is physically doing miracuously well. Mentally its been a surprising stuggle for him, although quite common, he is experiencing severe depression and struggling to eat. I am torn about not being able to be there for him and also to relieve my brother and sister-in-law of the daily need to visit and encourage him. I am trying to go on faith that things will work out, as they have just kept linning up, to make it possible for my Dad to receive these organs and have a second chance. Physically he gets stronger everyday, I just hope that he can get to a place where he mentally moves past this debilitating depression. We are so thankful for his chance, to enjoy whatever extra time he has been given.

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Thursday, October 20, 2011


I am excited to share with you all my very first giveaway on my blog today! Many of you are busy Moms and crafters like me and want to scrapbook the memories you make with your families, friends, careers and pastimes or hobbies. the holidays are coming up and many new pictures will taken and memories made. So it is my pleasure to offer a chance to win a free copy of award winning scrapbook software that is easy and fun to use! Using this software you can create digital scrapbooks, photobooks, cards, calendars and gifts!
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