Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Helloo...Psst...It's me again!

Just wanted to stick my little neck out here and say Hi! I'm still here. Not such a great start to 2011 here in our house with one after another of us succumbing to the midwinter ills. Been living in a little bubble here and have to say I am ready for Spring! Beautiful sunshine out there today but alas my littlest crawled into bed with us this morning declaring both ears hurt and he felt hot. Hm-mm, didn't that doctor I saw Saturday know this would happen? I did. But with all the resistant germs out there I listened to her and waited for the full blown infection to set in so we weren't taking antibiotics for nothing. Not really upset with her just tired of visiting the doctor and wishing my little one could be at his 100's day celebration today with the rest of his kindergarten class and me well I wish I could be in the studio with all those delicious new fabrics. They do say good things come to those who wait right? Well I'm waiting and ever so patiently if I do say so myself. Got lots to show you when there's time to finish like a new living room and a powder room redo, new fabrics and hopefully lots of new projects this year. I hope your Valentine's Day was full of love! I know I enjoyed the kind of cuddle up love that comes with being cocooned in sick bay with my kids upon our new sofa. Hope to be back again really soon!