Friday, January 6, 2012

366 Days

I just realized there are 366 days this year to create and love, to wish and wonder, to stumble and fall, to get back up and try again. 366 days to plan and execute, to dream and pray, to be gracious and grateful. This year I am going to use them all and not wait. To be eager for spring to come but enjoy what the winter brings. To embrace each day as it is given and to be open to new experiences. To broaden my comfort zones, encourage new experiences and cherish one of these last few years my oldest will spend her days with us. These days that my youngest is in awe of all that he is learning, and my middle son is a boy wonder with numbers and on the gaming systems. These long yearned for times that my oldest son is finally finding the same confidence he needs to succeed at school that he has found on the ball field for all these years.
2011 helped sharpen my awareness of how fleeting time is, with the fears my Dad would succumb to illness and the amazement that he grows stonger everyday and defies the odds since having a kidney and liver transplant. This year we are given the blessing of an extra day! What are you going to do with that day? I hope it is spent loving and laughing, creating and cherishing and just plain enjoying!

Laurie Lou Bib Giveaway

Stop by Mandi's Sweet Tiny Blessings Blog for a chance to win a Laurie Lou Bib in her weekly review and giveaway. I recently had a chance to talk with her a little bit about what was behind the start of Laurie Lou and become a featured handcrafter on her blog. I'm thrilled to say she loves the bib I sent for her daughter to road test and is offering all who enter a chance to win any bib in my shop! Don't miss out!