Thursday, March 18, 2010

Starting off

I wasn't so sure about blogging when I first heard about it, but it seems increasingly an intriguing idea. I've been thinking about blogging for awhile now and I tend to overthink things till they are perfect in my head and sometimes never act on them. Perfectionism? Probably, but as one of my 2010 resolutions (learning to blog and actually doing it) I thought I'd better get on the bandwagon seeing as it is already the third week of March. So here goes, and please bear with me as I am learning my way around a computer still and I'm sure I will be bumbling my way through, but we will stumble around together. Meanwhile check out my Etsy shop and Esty in general as its a fabulous site, and I'll meet you back here soon! As you would think, there is always a story to tell with 4 zany kids, 1 crazy labrador and lots of crafting to be done!

1 comment:

  1. Welcome to blogging! I've been blogging since last September and I find it amazingly therapeutic. I also have the overthinking gene so it's a good way of getting some of those thoughts out somewhere.

    Very much looking forward to reading more of your posts. Love from Anna (in London, UK) XxXx