Thursday, July 7, 2011

Still waiting.......

So my hard drive was toast. Geek squad wanted a ridiculous amount to repair something they said was probably covered under warranty, which of course was not. My brother-in-law sells and repairs used laptops and has been so kind to us with his expertise and "family" discount but we just couldn't ask anymore so when my husband found a great deal at Best Buy last summer he picked it up for me which was great until my hard drive fried. So I'm thinking a Mac is my best bet and I saved up the money but apparently used Macs are in great demand around here with some of the school districts giving them to students after raising taxes to fund them. So the parents of all these students really like their kids Macs and want one for themselves, which means supply and demand is skewed in this neck of the woods.
I'm really trying to be patient, but my photos of new fabric finds are waiting to be rolled out and my sewing room is filling up with merchandise that is anxious to find new homes, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that a MacBook gets found soon and I can share all these new things.
In the mean time I'm enjoying my first stress free summer with my kids in years and the days are happily laying out ahead of us to be filled with spontaneous plans with friends and family. Hope your having one of those summers too!

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