Monday, November 7, 2011

Whew what a week!

Halloween, 2 birthday's, 1 broken finger and the flu hit our house this past week.  The boys all pulled their Halloween costumes together last minute and I have to say I love Joann's 70% off sale before Halloween and Bailey's butterfly wings were like $4!
Wednesday brought my son Quinn's birthday as well as my own, (not telling how old I am, but he's 9). Love sharing our day because I can pretend he's the only one getting older! Thursday Max broke his finger at wrestling practice, which meant of course he couldn't play in the weekends playoff game for Varsity Football for the youth organization. Luckily they still managed a win with 5 injured players and he will head to the superbowl next weekend. Keeping our fingers crossed that he can play. Lastly my husband who never gets sick came down with the flu over the weekend and the poor thing is still under the weather. Hoping he's on the mend soon, but for now it's a good few day's for him to get some rest and get back on his feet. One more birthday coming up for my youngest next week and then Thanksgiving arrives and we'll get to see my Dad who is really a trooper and finally getting released to a care faciclity from the hospital! Can't wait!
Ok time to head to the studio and get some sewing done! Have a great day!

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