Monday, December 12, 2011

Girls Weekend in Montague

Omg the best time ever at the beach even though it was a blustery 24° in Montague. My girlfriend invited us to hang this weekend for some time away from our numerous kids and what fun we had in this beautiful beach house. We dubbed our selves the Rah Rah girls as our daughters all cheer for the high school competitve cheer team. Its rare for such great bonding time especially since 2 of us have 4 or more kids (Julie has 5 including a set of triplets) ! There is always a sporting event to attend or for me the possibility of a craft show which the one this past weekend I was wait listed for thankfully! I felt so guilty going but I found my patience while I was gone! Amazing how that happens!

Hope you all are finding some for yourself during this time of year with all the stressful hustle and bustle. I can face the week ahead with a smile as my daughter turns 16 yikes! and last minute presents to prepare and ship! Have a great one!

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