Monday, April 2, 2012

My Shadow

Love this guy! If you haven't already met him, this is Tucket or Tuck as he is most often called. He is my right hand man, always around for a cuddle and just plain good company. He's there before I fall asleep at night, curled right behind my knees and when I wake up in the morning, right by my side, ready for the day. He waits right outside the Studio when I am working but sometimes inside if I can make room. You see, my Studio is rather small but we manage still to keep each other company. Tuck alerts me to the smallest flea moving near our yard, (sometimes this is gets annoying I have to say, but no stranger will dare to cross him). He comes complete with an arch nemisis that makes him go berserk as she walks daily along the sidewalk in front of our house. Secretly I think he wants to be more than friends but her owner is a sweet little old lady and would be overwhelmed with his love so I think he will have to covet from afar or atleast from this side of the door.

We have discovered he has a few unusual tastes that make it a little difficult to have him nearby when these foods are within his reach. Most crazy is the entire stick of butter, wrapper and all, jars of peanut butter and nutella, gogurt and the wrapper as well, pizza especially if he can devour it right out of your hand and then non food items including and most frustrating, anything stuffed animals, slippers and pillows which all thankfully are just slobbered upon. Oh well we all have our quirks. Excuse me while I go rescue my slipper from his slobbers!

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