Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Here we go!

Our newest Steeler! He's ready to play and couldn't look cuter! We now have 3 football players in the house so you know our Saturday's will be spent at the field from 9 - 6. Lots of fun and what a way to learn commitment, and being a team player! The volunteer coaches are outstanding and I know my kids will remember these times forever.
I can't  beleive we are heading into our final weeks of summer but I guess I am ready too for school to start back up. I find it a struggle to balance kids and Laurie Lou Studio in the summer. Have to say the kids always win and probably the laundry and driving them here and there for sports and friends. Wouldn't change a thing, well maybe the money to reduce the stress for my husband!
I knew life would go fast once the kids were all old enough for activities and that is beyond true so I don't sweat the small stuff and concentrate on living in the here and now. My husband on the other hand can't help worrying about the future and I hope I am helping him live in the present atleast with the kids. My fear is that he will look back and realize all he missed. This fall however he is in his glory with his boys all on the field and the coaches all raving about their skills. He couldn't be prouder and neither can I.
Off soon to meet our new niece in Chicago so I will post pictures of all my adventures in the Studio for her and her soon to be 2 year old sister! Have a great end of summer!
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