Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sugar Haze

Okay, I do it to myself seems like every holiday but somehow can't resist the sweets! Think I enjoy them even more than the main course. Lots of leftovers to help with the meal planning for the week, love that! (all thanks to my terrific mother in law this year) She's one of those cooks that can't follow a recipe but can whip up something wonderful using whatever is on hand. Trying to add some of that to my cooking ability. I'm not a bad cook just an uninspired one usually. Too many kids not liking what anyone else likes and of course the mess and chore of planning, gathering, creating and cleaning after a meal and I think twice about starting. Not so with crafting, but then I can work in total chaos when it comes to creating for Laurie Lou Studio. Have to get more organized in there though, I know its holding me back from creating some great things. That's a whole other blog post though.
Hope you are recovering from an enjoyable holiday, like I am this week. Its back to the gym and the studio for me as I finally landed a Main Showcase on Etsy this Saturday. Big push to sew, photograph, and post this week. Planning on a really productive week! See you back here soon!

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