Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Year's Resolution

Had my first root canal yesterday. Why is it that I dread the dentist so much I forget to call for like forever? My dentist is a blast, so funny and all the hygienists are so sweet, so why do I put it off so long? Because I want to add a root canal to my list of experiences? Well check, that's done and I have to say not so bad. Pain no worse than getting a filling, just really time consuming, almost 2 hours tilted in the chair with my head practically on the floor. Don't really want to do it again though so I think calling the dentist more regularly is my new resolution. (it doesn't matter that New Year's is still almost 5 months away right?)
Trading the dentist's chair for the driver's seat today as the kids are busy starting up sports activities again but definitely a preferable choice over a root canal.

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