Thursday, December 23, 2010

I Wimped Out

So the Christmas tree came crashing down 2 days after we put it up this year, tree stand and all. I thank my lucky stars that I hadn't gotten around to putting any of my grandparents vintage ornaments on and after cleaning up the mess I wimped out and left them in their storage boxes till next year. Oh the mess we had to clean up at 3:30 in the morning, but I had visions of those little feet that pit patter into our bedroom every morning between 5am and 6am crunching through the broken ornaments on the way.

Amazingly the ornaments that were broken were not part of the collections that I have been amassing to send off with each child as they leave our nest for their very own. The few that were broken were the new ones from this year and  I was able to quickly replace those. So note to self, always tie the Christmas tree to the wall and next year, my favorite vintage ornaments, I promise to bring you out for all to enjoy!

On another good note, this gal of mine turned 15 the other day and is currently enjoying the Florida weather with her most generous Aunt and Uncle, and cousin for Christmas. We miss you Bailey girl, but are thrilled for you and know that visiting Harry Potter World is something you will never forget!

Merry Christmas to you all wherever your travels this Holiday season may take you, or not take you, but enjoying family and friends at home like us. Well that is most of us, from this house of boys and 1 mama to yours, may your holidays be merry and bright and may 2011 be full of joy!

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