Friday, December 10, 2010


One birthday left to go, all craft shows done and special orders almost complete, no weekend plans for the 1st time all fall, and a tired Mama ready to enjoy the Holidays! No big plans here, but a relaxing friend and family filled holiday that I am so looking forward to. Simple but non the less fulfilling!

We'll be missing our oldest this Christmas as she is being whisked away to the fantasy land of Disney and Harry Potter with my Sister and Brother-in-law and our neice. She can not wait to go, and as for turning 15 next week she is as enamored as her cousin of 11 years. I'm sure it will be a trip with life long memories!

My plans for today though? Sharing an afternoon of collaborative crafting, hot tea and chocolate filled croissants! Yum-mm, decadent!

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